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In the past five years, the sport of fencing in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and generally Malaysia, has fast been gaining popularity amongst the children, youths and adults. This is mainly due to the tireless effort and work to promote and publicize this exciting and fun sport in this country.

Fencing is also known as “Lawan Pedang” in Bahasa Malaysia, Foil, Epee and Sabre are the three weapons used in modern fencing. This sport is suitable for all ages; children, youths, adults and families. You can choose to take it up as a competitive sport or as a hobby. Fencing helps improve your coordination, reflexes, discipline, focus, health and mental agility.

Fencing classes can be conducted in schools, colleges, universities and even corporate offices which have rooms or studios.

Corporate Fencing is also available for companies who are interested in this activity for their staff.

Come now and explore the challenges that fencing can offer.

If you wish to learn fencing or would like to know more about this sport,
you can visit Swashbucklers Fencing Club at www.fencing4all.com.
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