We carry a wide range of fencing equipment for your needs:

- Fencing Uniform (jacket, inner plastron & breeches)
- Insulated Mask for Foil/Epee (removable bib)
- Sabre Mask (removable bib)
- Glove
- Complete Manual Foil with french grip
- Complete Electric Foil with french/pistol grip
- Complete Manual Epee with french grip
- Complete Electric Epee with french/pistol grip
- Complete Manual Sabre with rubber grip
- Complete Electric Sabre
with rubber grip
- Manual Foil Blade

- Electric Foil Blade
- Manual Epee Blade

- Electric Epee Blade

- Sabre Blade
- Foil/Epee Grip (Pistol/French)
- Sabre Grip
- Foil/Epee/Sabre Guard
- Foil Metallic Vest
- Sabre Metallic Vest
- Foil/Epee/Sabre Bodywire
- Mask Clip

- Fencing Shoes (low/high cut)
- Fencing Socks
- Beginner Fencing Bag (Guitar Shaped)
- Chest Protector for men/women
- FIE or Non FIE Allstar/Uhlmann Fencing Equipment

Click here for Photos of Fencing Equipment.
- Fencing classes for all levels
- Private lessons for competitive & recreational fencing
- Corporate Fencing Package
- Rental of fencing equipment for advertising & production agencies
- Fencing choreography for advertisement, product launch & etc...

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